Thursday, January 7, 2010


So on Monday I went to the diabetes center to get this sensor. It checked my blood sugar every 3 minutes. I had to log every bit of food that went into my mouth and any drinks containing carbs and how much insulin I took. Then today I went back and got unhooked and they downloaded the data. It showed that at night my blood sugar almost doesn't change at all. The line on the graph was almost totally flat. This is good, it means I don't need a long acting insulin. It also showed that I could use another unit or two of insulin in the morning. My nurse practitioner said that I might be a tad more insulin resistant in the morning from having all the waking up hormones pumping into my system. She said that over all though I do a good job of knowing how much insulin to take for what I eat. So as of right now just add another unit with breakfast, two if I eat more than usual. I go back in April.


Lisa said...

That's very cool! Do you see Mary Janci? I think that she mentioned that there were starting to do something like that with patients...maybe Gess will do that soon too.

Princess Jess said...

I do see Mary. She said I was the second CF patient they have that's done this and they want to get more to try it. She asked me a ton og questions about what I thought about the whole thing so she could tell others.