Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goodbye friend.

Four days ago my friend Gessner was taken off of life support. He had CF, he was a fiBro. I got to meet him in Boston in May. I've gone out to coffee with his wife, they're from Seattle. He had a massive infection that just shut down his body. I wasn't able to go to the hospital to visit because I'm on IVs for pneumonia. I feel bad about that. I know his wife understands, if anyone would its her. But part of me saw this coming, I knew that when he went on the vent he wouldn't come off of it. But still, I have no business wandering around the hospital possibly infecting people.

Gess was a good guy. One day chatting on facebook we compared CF tattoos. He's definately going to be missed by many people. But I do find it comforting that his corneas went to someone. His last act was helping someone see. I know that where ever he is, he's happy about that.