Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It all comes at once.

Why is it that I can go for months without setting foot in my hospital (other than to pick up meds) and other times I go months where I have at LEAST one appointment a week, maybe more.

So lately my pain has been REALLY out of hand. I got the stuff done to get seen at the pain clinic at UW again. There was some drama the day before the appointment that I just don't want to go into because I was really upset. Anyway, the doc flat out told me that she doesn't know if there is anything she can do for me. Are you fucking for real!? She's a PAIN SPECIALIST....supposedly. Of course she wants to consult with all of my other docs, which I expected. I go back to see her tomorrow to see if she came up with a plan. In between these appointments she referred me to a psych. Of course she told me it was because she wants to see if the shrink has any ideas for meds that might help me. But of course its because she fucking thinks I'm drug seeking. If she wanted ideas she could review my history with the shrink on her own. Whatever, I'll play ball for the time being. I do have a lead on another pain clinic in the area though.

I've been having a lot of "I think I might puke" so I went in for blood work on my liver. The ethambutol I take for the MAC can cause liver issues. I also got a scrip for zofran, oh how I love thee. The blood work came back and one of the levels was elevated but of course when I asked what it measures exactly the dumbass nurse couldn't be bothered to explain it to me. And I was out and didn't have a pen with me to write down which test it was so I could look it up myself. She's so annoying.

I went to my primary doc's office about pelvic pain. I swear if I still had my appendix I would have been in the ER a long time ago thinking I was going to die soon. The doc dug around in my lady bits (for the THIRD time this year!!!) but since she didn't feel anything out of the ordinary so she didn't order an ultrasound or refer me to GYN. My head hurts. Normally she's really cool and listens to me. I'll ask my CF doc to do the refering. Or maybe even the pain doc tomorrow.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I hope everyone out there is doing great!