Friday, February 8, 2013

Long over due updates!

I know, I know.....bad Tadpole!  Things have been crazy.

The holidays were nuts this year.  I rarely had a day off from doing something or another.  There were parties, birthdays, dinners, movies, dates, and doctor's appointments (when is there NOT doctor's appointments?).  In the last week of December I started to wonder if I was pushing my luck and over doing things.  By New Year's Eve I knew I was.  I was exhausted, had no appetite, was spiking fevers, and short of breath.  Pretty standard stuff for me when I need IVs. 

So on January 2nd I checked myself into the hospital.  Normally I do my IVs at home from start to finish but I had to go in this time for a couple of reasons.  One: I simply did NOT have the energy to take care of myself on my own this time.  Since I live alone this is an issue.  Second: Medicare doesn't cover home IV antibiotic therapy.  Figure that one out.  They'd rather pay $1500 a day for two weeks just for me to have a room in the hospital (not counting meds, nurses, docs, tests, and food) than pay $3000 for the full two week course at home.  Uh....wut!? 

My primary care doc is on the team that sees CFers when they're in patient at my hospital (awesome!) so she was MY doc most of the time I was there.  She tried everything she could think of to get me out of there but in the end everything fell through so I had to stay the whole two weeks.  After the first 5 days though I got a day pass so that I could leave in the middle of the day.  This allowed me to take care of some errands myself and most importantly, come home to see my kitty! 

I had so many friends come see me while I was in, it was fantastic!  There were only one or two days that I didn't have any visitors.  There were a couple of days when I had five or six, at the same time!  How sweet is that!?  People brought me goodies, and stuff to do.  I seriously have the most amazing friends.

The day after I got out of the hospital I went to my friends' house to house/pet sit while they went on vacation.  This had been planned for months, I'm just glad I got out in time to keep my promise!  So, even though I wasn't at home, I wasn't in the hospital and Savage got to come with me.  So that was fine by me!  I mostly rested up from two weeks of crappy hospital sleeping while I was there.

Now I'm feeling really well.  I had a period where I felt very asthmatic for a while, but the air quality got kind of poor and that always messes me up.  I'm going to the CF clinic on Monday, and I'm eagerly awaiting my PFTs.  Oh yeah, I need to make a list of scrips I need.  Ah, screw it, I think I need them all!