Thursday, October 28, 2010

My xray experience.

So I went in for a chest xray. I'm a verteran of this process and I hate to change at the hospital. So I wore a sports bra under my tshirt. No metal, so no changing. I got checked in at the desk and the lady said "Oh you get these a lot, so you know the drill right?" Yup, I have a seat and wait for my xray person to call me.

My xray person called me in a couple of minutes and we headed back to the room. She then notices that I'm not wearing a humilating hospital gown. "Is there any metal in your bra?" she asks.

I say no. She says "No clasps or hooks or anything? Because I'd just have to have you change and redo the xrays which gives you more radiation."

"No metal, I get these all time so I know how it goes."

She takes the first shot of my back. Before she even gets back into the room I have turned around for the side shot and I'm holding onto the bar above my head. She kind of giggled and said "Oh! You really do know what you're doing!" Damn skippy!

Dear Lung,

Last year when you decided to get all pneumonia-y on me you didn't give me a single clue that anything was wrong until a large section of you collapsed. You've never been quite right ever since then. So when you started to hurt a little bit on Monday I wasn't too worried. Its happened before but has always gone away. However, this time it didn't go away. I would really prefer not to go through the hell of having you collapse again so I called the doctor. A chest xray was ordered which showed a small spot of pneumonia. So, while having you hurting me is not fun, and IV antibiotics are less than conveinient, I do appreciate the warning this time around. Now, please stop doing this like this from now on.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I know I said I would do a real blog about my trip to Mexico......but I just haven't been feeling it. So let me just say that I had a great time, the cruise ship was awesome, and I would definately do it again. I'm working on a new slide show to put that will probably put things into words better than I can anyway.

On another note, the night I got home from Mexico I ended up in the emergency room. *eye roll* My left lung started hurting. Last time my left lung hurt it collapsed and I ended up in the hospital for 4 days and on IVs for 3 weeks. So I didn't want to screw around with it. But I basically wasted 6 hours of me and J's time over nothing. Oh well. Better safe than sorry right? Now my sinuses are really bothering me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm home!

I just wanted to let everyone out there know that I'm back from Mexico! I had an awesome time and I will do a better blog about it later I promise. I'm just wrung out from traveling, then a little while after I got home I ended up in the ER with chest pain. They were concerned because I flew so they wanted to rule out a clot. It turned out to be nothing and I went home. The pain is gone today but I woke up with a bad migraine so I slept most of the day. Welcome home right? Can I go back on the ship because I felt fine there!