Thursday, January 28, 2010

Port drama

So on Monday I went to have my port flushed. The nurse and I swore she that she was in but we couldn't get a blood return. So, I called UW and they got me in to see the PICC/port nurse today. She could flush it, and I could taste the saline so she was definately in. She flushed me with heparin really good and let me marinate for 20 minutes. Still no blood return. So on to TPA. You may recall from August that I had to have my last PICC TPA'd. Its an enzyme that dissolves clots. The nurse thinks that my last antibiotic clogged it up. Well, that had to sit for 2 hours so I went and ate and worked on my latest knitting project. And when I went back we got blood!!! Yay!! So I am back in business.

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