Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My awesome Christmas presents!

So I got my presents from D late because the place he ordered them from was lazy. So we had Christmas on New Years Day! I got him a new DVD player because he had this old clunky DVD/VCR combo that was really touchy with the DVDs. But he wouldn't replace it because he had a copy of Pulp Fiction on VHS and its his favorite movie. So I also got him a copy of the collectors edition of Pulp Fiction on DVD. Then I got him a t-shirt with a hoopty ride and a couple gnomes. It said Ridin with my gnomies on it. He's into gnomes.

He got me a cooking tutor for my Nintendo DS! Its very cool, I can make shopping lists on it based on the recipes, exlude things I don't like, and there are TONS of recipes on it! And, best of all; he got me a new Toshiba laptop!! My old one had been rebuilt and given to me. While I really appreciate that from the friend who gave it to me, it was old and slow. So this is so awesome!! I can actually stream video now! Yay! Thanks babe!

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