Thursday, February 16, 2012


I had a CF clinic appointment on Monday. It was great! I was actually nervous about being sent home on IVs but I got great news instead! My PFTs were up to 55% from 46% in September! That's my pre-MAC baseline!! *happy dance* Next week I'll have another CT just to confirm that things still look good but at this point there's no reason to think otherwise.

I always do at least 3 tests at clinic and they keep the best one. My first one was 52%. I looked at the computer screen and said "52!? REALLY??" I made the resperatory therapist go back and check my September numbers. Then my next two tests were both 55%. I almost fell off of my chair. It looks like a year and a half of antibiotics has paid off.

My weight is good. I'm eating enough. I should get the results on my blood work next week but that hasn't really changed in years. In the summer I'll get a dexascan to check on my bone density but that hasn't changed in years either. So everything is looking great! This was the best clinic day I've had in a couple of years!