Monday, November 2, 2009

The swine flu.

As I try to find my own way of dealing with becoming a "typical" CFer (repeated IVs, hospitalization, ENT appointments, CFRD, getting a port, and all of this in the last year!) now something new comes along for me to be afraid of. Swine flu. Its killing us. It already got 1 CFer that I know of, 2 more are not doing well. We try and try, hours of treatments every day, countless doctor appointments, stuffing food down our throats, bathing in hand sanetizer, and this virus comes along and railroads us. A mutation, that's all it is. And its killing us. Its killing us because the CDC can't get the vaccine to us. How is it that CF clinics all across the country are not getting it!? We are ultra-high risk for this and we can't find a fucking flu shot to literally save our lives!! Are you kidding me?

Of course I want everyone who needs the shot to get it. But my friends are on their death beds! Hello?? CDC?? Anyone home!? GET ME AND MY FRIENDS OUR FUCKING SWINE FLU SHOTS YESTERDAY!!


Amy said...


Misha said...

Absolutely! I STILL can't get mine!!!!

Piper said...

I did what we talked about in chat and made a couple of phone calls. No one was able to send me the vaccine, but they did fan out in a no-holds-barred search, calling every CF and non-CF doctor they knew in the city. In the end, I got my shot that way. Now I'm just staying in my house for the next couple of weeks while I build up immunity and deal with these IVs.

I know it's easier said than done, but you're a persistent cyster. You fought to get O2 and everything else, so my advice is to fight like hell now! Call your local CFF, your old peds clinic, Denver, and wherever else you have ANY contacts at all and beg them to help you find the vaccine. The hint is that mostly pediatric docs have it right now, so us high-risk adults have to pull strings to get vaccinated!

JB said...

I live in Chehalis and got my swine flu shot today at a Safeway pharmacy. My stepdad had called last week and put me on a list to be called when they got them in. We were told by docs at UW to call all the little pharmacies and clinics for the best results. A nurse at UW said that there is a rumor they are getting them next week also. Good luck!