Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some good news, but another surgey in my future.

So, I had my ENT appointments today (nose and ears). First the nose; I don't have any polyps or impacted goo in there, so that's good! However, my septum has a lovely deviation on the right side. Its obstructing things enough that I am not moving much air on that side. So it could exlain some of the shortness of breath and certainly why I wake up every morning with my mouth hanging open and all dried out. I doubt that I'm getting as much benefit out of my oxygen as I could becuase of this. So, I am electing to have the septoplasty to fix it. Its probably going to be on December 11th, as long as that is doable with work. I really wish I could make it a whole year without some kind of surgery!!

I plan on doing a round of antibiotics before the surgery. I'm debating on IVs or orals. I'll probably go for IVs though. They clear me out much better. I imagine that I won't feel like doing any hard core airway clearance right after this. So I should go into it as clear as possible.

Next was ears. This took forever, I was getting really irritated. I swear I spent more time waiting than actiually getting my hearing test and talking with the doc. Anyway...I have very minor hearing loss in the upper frequencies, no big deal. Its causing the tinnitus (ringing in the ears). He explained that its kind of like the phantom pains that amputees get. Except its fantom sounds. If anything changes I'll need to go back, but otherwise I'm good!

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Katey said...

Glad your ears are good and your nose, for the most part. I had a deviated septum as well. My ENT fixed it while I was having sinus surgery at the same time. I'll be praying all goes well.