Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I really truly hate my CF clinic.

So I'm having symptoms of CFRD (dry mouth, peeing all the time, vaginal infections, blurry vision) that pretty much go away as long as I am careful and don't eat too much sugar. So I called and asked for my clinic to set up a glucose tollerance test at my clinic visit on the 2nd. The nurse called me back and said she would set it up. Cool.

She called today with some questions for me, fine. She asked what my symptoms were, I told her. She said that they usually would just check my blood sugar with my annual labs that I'm due for anyway and said that should be enough. Uhh....what? No, sorry, not enough in my book. I am the patient and I want it so what the hell is the problem? I told her that I would feel better if we just did the stupid test. She says "Well, if you insist." Yeah, I DO insist, what's it going to hurt to do it!? I swear to God they just don't care!

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Lisa said...

Geez!! I guess we aren't the only ones that they pull that "if you insist" crap with! Insist away!! Seriously, this makes me sooooo mad!