Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I FINALLY found the ONE doctor in the entirety of the UW physician network that is accepting new patients for primary care! At least it seems like she's the only one. I have been trying to find a new primary doctor for months. I had an appointment with a doctor close to me but just getting that appointment was like pulling teeth and then they canceled it. So I said to hell with that!

The internal medicine department at UW said they MIGHT be accepting new patients this spring.....so that was a no go. I called the nurse at CF clinic to see if she had any magical powers to get me in somewhere. She put in a referal to the women's health center. They HOPE to have a new doctor soon who would be accepting new patients....FAIL!

So finally I called the family practice clinic.......and miracle of miracles, they have someone and I could even get an appointment on the same day as my next clinic appointment so I don't need to worry about fitting in with my work schedule!!!!!!! There IS a God! I have never had so much trouble getting someone to look at my vagina!


sunshine rose said...

hi, my name is wendy, i live in miami, florida and i have cf as well. i like reading blogs. they help me tons when i feel i'm all alone in this fight. i'm glad your #'s went up. that's awesome. i'm in the process of getting mine up. take care!

Jennifer said...

I really did lol at the last line, hahaha!