Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Multiple updates.

Nausea: Its still there. Its not getting better. Its been 6 weeks. I called the nurse running the PTC124 study and told her that I'm having a very hard time taking the med because I feel so sick most of the time. She talked to the doctor and they squeezed me in for an appointment today to see her. The doctor seems to think that its related to the study drug. The timing fits and the fact that its not getting any better no matter what I try would point to the drug as well. So, she told me to stop taking it for now and see if I get better. Apparently this company is very lenient (sp??) on this kind of thing and I can stop for a month without being kicked out of the study. If stopping the drug doesn't help then I have to go get tested to see if I have slow gastric emptying. I also got a perscription for zofran, YAY.

Cayston: The doctor doesn't want me starting anything new until the nausea is resolved. She isn't worried about the minor drop I had in my PFTs during my trial.

Dexa scan: There have been no changes in my bone density which is good. Its not getting better but at least its not getting worse! I have minor osteopenia of the spine, but not of the hip.


Juliet Page said...

Hey Jess, I hope they figure it out for you. I had a gastric emptying study. It's not that bad, really. They make you fast before the test, but as soon as it starts they feed you... OK, so it's radioactive eggs cooked in a microwave, but still as tests go, it's on the easy side! ~Juliet

Princess Jess said...

Oh no, I hate eggs!