Friday, July 16, 2010

How to not go stir crazy.

So what do you do when you're disabled, not working, and therefore have no income? Well, personally I knit. I don't have the energy to clean my house from one end to the other all the time (or the desire). Sure I like a clean house, but between CF and fibromyalgia I really have to pace myself. I keep up with the kitchen pretty well (although I do need to mop, gotta find the Swiffer). I can usually keep up with laundry. J likes to vacuum so I never have to do that unless I spill something. So, I knit. It doesn't sap what energy I have, and it makes me feel productive since I'm actually creating something. I crochet a little too. When I get bored with knitting I'll crochet a few little toys. Those are fun and they use up scrap yarn. Here are some pictures of stuff I've done recently.

Kid sweater. My first sweater ever!

My first shawl. The kitties approve.

A sweater for me!

Baby blue dragon.

Little mousey.

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