Monday, December 21, 2009

Post sinus surgery.

Let's talk about snot for my 100th post, what do ya say!?

Seriously, since I got the splints out things have been really good. My septum isn't nearly as sore as it was, just a little bit. Sinus rinses are whole new experience for me. I wasn't very good about doing them before because I never really got good results. But now whenever I do it, the good just kinda comes out almost on its own! The first couple of times after getting the splints out I got some clots, but nothing too horrible. Now its slime, but I don't even have to blow hard to get it out. I just kind of exhale through my nose to get the water out and this stuff comes with it. Its great!! I think the water is able to flow through my sinuses the way its supposed to now so the rinses are actually working! YAY!

I can tell I'm moving air better too. I can sit for long periods of time breathing through my nose and I don't feel short of breath at all. So, as miserable as I was the week after the surgery I am glad that I did it. I do hope I never have to do it again....but I would if I had to.

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Amy said...

glad things are improving!!!!!!! <3