Friday, December 11, 2009

Sinus surgery.

My surgery went fine today! I got home around noon (YAY) and parked my butt in my super comfy chair. I took a nap for a little bit and I've eaten some, and drank lots. I had a little bit of bleeding but its stopped now. The pain isn't bad, mostly it just feels like huge boogers in my nose. I've been taking half a percocet and then it feels better. I have some tubes in my nose so that I can use my oxygen. Last but not least, my dad is here to take of me.


Afton said...

Whatever you do -> don't flip your head upside down to put your hair in a ponytail... I accidentally did that in public and it was gross :)

Princess Jess said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the tip!

Mary ElizaBeth Peters said...

Hi! I just read your post, I think it was on Wellsphere which I have not really gotten into yet, about making a "Real Women of CF" calendar. I think that sounds like a great idea and I am IN IN IN. Do you read my blog? I invite you! -
email me and we'll get working on it!