Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The women of CF.

So I've had this idea banging around in my head for years. I want to do a Women of CF calendar. I want it to be what would normally be a calendar of semi-naked women in various suggestive poses, except wearing vests, showing accessed ports, PICCs, g-tubes, the classic CF "baby" belly, transplant scars.....etc and so on. I would want the pictures to be professional quality. And think themes too, Christmas, Halloween, get the idea. So what do you think ladies? Would you be willing to help me out with this? I am thinking of having one picture for each day of the year. I'm not too particular about them being in color or black and white, just as long as CF and your various devices are well displayed.

I would also love any help you could offer in the way of raising funds to get the thing printed. How to go about getting someone to print it. And writing a legal release form for the use of the pictures. Obviously the funds raised from the sale of the calendar would go to CF.

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