Sunday, October 25, 2009

He's coming home!!

D should be home some time next week! I can hardly contain myself, I am SO excited. He really is an amazing man. He's so good to me, and good for me. He talks with me, and listens to what I have to say. He makes me laugh, and I'm not afraid to share the bad things with him. And he shares the bad things with me. I really love him, in a way I never thought I would love anyone. He makes me feel safe. And I guess in the end that's what we're all looking for right? Someone who will be there when you need them, and do their best to make it better.

When we're together I can forget about whatever drama may have happened at work, what my future with CF looks like, and I have less pain. The rest of the world goes away and its just us. We watch a movie, eat dinner, cuddle, and......other things. Haha! I guess I'm saying that we're on the same wavelength. We're very in tune with each other. And I miss him. I can't wait to see him!