Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Port Flush

So I had my port flushed for the first time today!! It was interesting. It all started with my bus not showing up, so I had to walk about a quarter mile to catch a different one and was going to be seriously late! So I called the infusion company to let them know all this......well it turns out that the lady I made my appointment with never actually put it in the computer. So they squeezed me in. I had some issues with them the last time I did IVs, so I may ask to switch companies. The only problem with that is that I LOVE this one nurse. She is so nice, she comes in to work and always asks how I am. She offered to show me how to access my port. She took my tempurature on Sunday when I felt like crap from this weird foot thing.

Anyway!!! So I get there and the get me all set up. Swabbed me down with anticeptic and stabbed me with a huge needle! And she missed! Uhg! So she pulled that one out, I held some gauze on it while she went to get another needle. She came back and we started again. This time it felt like she drove a nail into my chest! I swear I almost hit the ceiling. The first one wasn't bad at all, the second one was horrible! I somehow managed to not jump off the chair though. At least she got it that time. They never sent me any lidocaine so she said she would put in a request for that for me. Now you guys know that I'm no wimp when it comes to needles, hell I give myself 3 or 4 shots a day! But I am going to wimp out next time and use the lidocaine.

I'm still glad that I have my port. I know that its going to make my life MUCH easier when its IV time. The pain didn't last that long, so anyone out there who is thinking about a port I would still encourage you to get one. Just ask for some lidocaine for your flushes! I just want to be honest in my posts. Life isn't all sunshine and roses and I'm not going to pretend it is.

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