Monday, October 19, 2009

Updates and randoms

Hmmm. So I've been working lots. Very tired. I got what is probably a spider bite on my foot. This does not make work easier AT ALL! I have been limping around for 3 days. My foot is all gross and red and swollen. Like this.

I drew the line around it so I could see if the redness was spreading. I'm pretty sure I had a fever yesterday. I was either freezing or roasting all day. I felt like total shit. I was sea sick too. Dry heaves and everything. All I ate all day was maybe 2 handfuls of pretzels, 5 bites of a frozen dinner, and a 7up. Hurray for 7up! Nothing better for a distraut tummy. And enough sugar so that I didn't have a massive crash of the old blood sugar. I slept FOREVER. I got some antibiotics at the walk in clinic just in case this is some kind of infection.

D should be home in about 2 weeks!! I can't wait to see him! Its been almost 6 months. Can you believe that? I miss him SO much. So much has happened! I got my new teeth. I had my first admission for CF. When I was in the hospital and in pain, and sleep deprived, and just miserable I would have given anything to have him there. Having him crawl in the bed next to me with his arm around me would have been so comforting. He told me that he wished he could be there for me and that really touched me. It gives me confidence in his ability to handle me and all my issues.

Fall is in full swing!

Gorgeous huh?? I love fall. Its all sweaters, boots, pumpkins, hot apple cider, Halloween, Thanksgiving, snuggling, and the trees! Such pretty colors. I wish the leaves didn't have to fall off.
I'm having my port flushed for the first time tomorrow. Stay tuned for a post about that!

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