Monday, September 7, 2009

Long week!

Uhg, I just got finished working 6 days in a row. How tiring. Anyone want to give me about $5000 or so that I can live on while applying for disability? Maybe I should go knock on Bill Gate's door.

Anyway, I had another chest xray and they seem to think that my lung may not be all the way up yet. So I go in tomorrow for another CT so they can get a better look. If they want me back on IVs I'm going to make them put a rush on my port placement and while I'm under they can just damn well do a bronch and wash the crap out of there!

In other news a good friend of mine just got listed for transplant! So your good vibes headed toward Texas would be much appreciated. You go C!!!

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courtney said...

aww thanks for the good vibes Jess, I hope your ct scan and everything turn out ok