Sunday, September 13, 2009

Looking forward to Tuesday.

Can I just say: SON OF A BITCH I AM SICK OF FUCKING HURTING!!!!!!!!!! Ok......I think its sorta out of my system. Antibiotics always set off my fibromyalgia but usually once they're out of my system I bounce back with a week. Well I haven't this time. And its very frustrating, I have no energy, I have to take half a percocet to get through work. So its just not good. But I have an appointment with the rhuem doc on Tuesday. I will beg for a higher dose of lyrica if I have to. Yes, me, will beg, for more drugs.

The doc wanted me to get to feeling good enough to get some excersise and then get off the lyrica. Which is great in theory. In real life, I have CF. Have CF, will get sick. Which means any benefit I may have gotten from excersise will go straight down the crapper! Not to mention the above named antibiotics that always make me hurt. So great theory doc, in practice not so much. I would love to get massage therapy again but with my random work schedule its hard to get into the chick that I like. So here we are.

Also on Tuesday is my consultation for my port placement. I was told to ask about a power port. These can handle a quick infusion such as CT contrast. That way I wouldn't have to get an IV for something like that. WOOHOO, NO MORE PICCS!!!


Anonymous said...

Can i just ask, is the CF tattoo of three roses in your slideshow, your own tattoo or someone elses?

Sorry about your pain, but good news about the possible port!

Princess Jess said...

The tattoo is mine. There is one rose for me, one for my brother who also has CF, and one for out cousin who passed after and unsucessful lower lobe transplant. It says Breathe at the bottom.