Thursday, June 4, 2009

The latest.

This week I saw the dentist (uhg, horrid people all of them!) for a tooth that was hurting. He couldn't find anything wrong with it but gave me antibiotics anyway just in case there is an infection in there. I'm debating about taking it because it hasn't hurt since then. It probably got freaked out. Tooth's internal monologue: "Oh crap! I've seen what happens when one of us bothers her, they get yanked out!"

Anyway, the oral surgeon I saw about yanking all my top teeth had written the dentist a letter that boiled down to: She doesn't need this, just fix the cavities. Asshole. After he told me he agreed with me. So my dentist ran the numbers and said that he would pull them and it will cost me $800. I will be maxing out my insurance and beyond. But who cares!!! No more teeth issues, at least on top. I will also have to come up with $675 for the denture then another $675 when all the adjustments are made. That is unless I can qualify for this line of credit deal they have. My mom said she would cosign it so we'll see. Yay for moms.

I also went to my GP about my migraines. I've had three or four a year for a long time but lately its been more like three or four a month. Very obnoxious. So I got some Imitrex for that. I haven't had to take it yet so time will tell how it does.

I also brought up the issue of my high heart rate and the Denver doc's concern over it. So we ran an EKG right there. My rhythm was normal, but fast of course. Then she wanted to check my thyroid because that can have an effect. That blood work was normal so she put in a referal to cardiology for me. So I am waiting on a call from them. If I don't hear from them by Wednesday I will call them (that will be a week).

So that's what's up in my world. I hope everyone out there is healthy and ready to enjoy their summer!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jess. Ugh for the dentist. I haven't talked to you in a while so just wanted to say hi. By the way I started insulin this week. It's going ok so far.