Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mah Teefs

I saw the oral surgeon today about my shitty teeth. He agreed to take them all out. He wants to do it in stages, which is fine since the idea of an all in one job skeeved me the hell out. I have to get a referal to a restorative dentist so that I have somewhere to go to get a partial after stage 1 is completed. He wants to do the uppers first because the bottom ones aren't as bad and I could be able to keep them for a few more years. Again, fine by me. The right side is already pretty much started (pfffffft) since I lost 2 on that side since December.

I didn't realize that you can lose up to 70% of your sense of taste without teeth! WTF do teeth have to do with taste!? He also said that my ability to chew would be significantly lowered but it can't be much worse than it is now, hell I can't eat Frosted Flakes without teeth falling out!

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