Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting helthier!?

Really? Could I be getting healthier?? In about 7 months my PFTs have gone from a baseling of 47% to 57%. 10 whole points! 60% is within reach here people! I gotta start riding my bike to work! I bet that would kick it into gear even more. I could probably lose a couple of pounds too.

In 2 months I've gained 6 pounds! I mean I know insulin helps you keep your weight but this is nuts! My clothes don't fit and I cannot afford to replace my wardrobe! Plus I am getting cottage cheese thighs! I never thought I would have to worry about cellulite, that's for other people.

Going on lyrica has helped my pain immensely! I have been in pain on some level, every day for 10 years! And now its rare that I even need to take Tylenol. The massages were great but they were not this good, and no match for the aches that antibiotics gave me! I see the rhuematologist at the beginning of June and if he doesn't hook me up with a longer perscription he better watch out!


Courtney said...

Thats great news jess, I am so glad you are feeling so well!

Amy said...

That's awesome news Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited for you! I want to start riding my bike too so I can loose a few pounds and get some more %%% points in my FEV :)

Here's to being healthier woot!!!!!!

CFlover said...

Yay!!! Im so glaqd your PFT's are going up!!! Kuddos to you!!

Princess Jess said...

The ONLY thing I can contribute to this is walking to work everyday. Other than that nothing has changed!

sunshine rose said...

congrats! that's awesome. i'm dying to lose some weight but the docs wont let me ugh! i feel so bloated sometimes. i'm only 4'11' and i weigh 108. blah. your pfts are great!!