Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I called my medical insurance and they told me to get letters of necessity to see about getting them to pay for my teeth. So I called the CF clinic and am waiting for a calle back to get them to write a letter telling them what has caused my teeth to be in the shape that they're in. Then I called the oral surgeon's office. And here is where I blew my top. The doctor and I had talked about taking all my teeth out starting with the top ones. He told me to get established with a denturist so that when the time comes I can get a partial denture. And that was all I was told, other than that they would help me however they could.

When I called today the woman I talked to said that there was nothing in my chart about which teeth need to be removed, what the game plan is.....nothing. I said that we had talked about all this and I didn't understand why there was nothing to this effect in my chart. She said that I need to see the denturist, he will say what teeth need to be removed, then I have to come back to the surgeons office for another appointment where they will follow what the denturist said. What the hell!? He's a god damn surgeon! As far as this stuff goes he's the top of the food chain as far as I'm concerned! Why does he need a fucking denturist to tell him what to do!? The denturist just plugs up the spaces left when the surgeon gets done!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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CFlover said...

Ah..Nothing better that the back and forthness between doctors!