Thursday, March 5, 2009


Seriously, I'm done! I have had enough of life. Its one thing after another for over a month now. I want some more GOOD news to blog about.

I let my cat out yesterday when I got home from work. Nothing weird there. He didn't come in by the time I was ready for bed, again not too weird. I went to bed knowing that if he cried at the door I would hear him. I don't sleep with my bedroom door closed and my front door is not far from my bedroom at all. I woke up at five in the morning and still no cat! I threw on my robe and slippers, grabbed the bag of kitty treats, and ran outside. I shook the bag and called him until I got too cold and had to go back inside.

I kept calling here and there while I got ready for work. And still no cat! While I walked to work through the apartment complex I called and called for him. There have been a few times that I have found him half way across the complex on my way to work. But not today.

I got so desperate I asked my ex to try when he got off work since he got off way before I did. He came and called for him for a while, and nothing. On my way home through the complex I looked and called. No cat. I had a deliquint rent notice on my door (that got resolved no problem, I paid my rent a week early!) and on the way to the office I called, then on the way back. NO CAT!

I printed some color fliers with a picture of my fatso and put them up all over the complex. I put them in all the laundry rooms, by the mailboxes, and the dumpsters. I figure everyone has to go to all of those places sooner or later. Tomorrow I am going to call some vet's offices to see if anyone brought him in. The ex is going to check the animal shelter for me since I won't be able to get there before they close.

He has disappeared before for a few days, once for a month, but never in the winter when its COLD and rainy. He had a color and tag but is really good at getting out of them. I always have a spare laying around, that's how often he loses them! He is a love and very friendly so I am hoping that he just conned someone into taking him in for a little while. Maybe with the fliers up someone will call me tomorrow and say they have my boy! I put my work and cell phone number on them so I am reachable 24/7. I put a little bowl of food out by the door just in case.

I want my buddy home! We always go to bed together, its not the same without him!

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Amy said...

awe jess!! I'm so sorry I hope someone has him and calls you today!!!!!!!!!!!