Sunday, March 29, 2009

My latest dumb ass stunt.

So last night at my friends house I was checking my blood sugar (and I admitt to having had a couple of drinks) and I dropped my meter in the dog's water and killed it. It wouldn't even turn on. I got it out of the water and tore it apart pretty fast but not luck.

D was here this weekend. I love it when he's here. The only bad part was that we got to fooling around and I forgot to take my evening pills. Wow do I feel the missed dose of lyrica. That should teach me to take it religiously huh?

I had night sweats last night. At first I thought I just had the heat turned up too high so I turned it down, WAY down. But I woke up a few hours later drenched in sweat and the room was cold. So I believe I will be giving up and calling for IVs tomorrow. So much for trying to make it a year.


sunshine rose said...

what's lyrica? hi nice to meet you btw. i'm 31 and have cf. i live in miami, fl. nice to meet you! :)

Princess Jess said...

Lyrica is for fibromyalgia. It really helps with my pain. Nice to meet you too!