Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb '09

What to make of this month that's brought so many changes on? Diabetes, oxygen, full time glasses, the deaths of friends. Welcome to my life. It seems that I get a raging shit storm for a little while, then a whole lot of nothing. The last shit storm was at the end of 2007 with mono, appendicitis, and my first IVs. I suppose I should feel blessed that I made it more than a year without having another one.

For the most part I have taken all this in stride. The medical stuff was going to happen sooner or later. CF and family history make diabetes inevitable. And as you all know I have been fighting for the O2 for over a year. I look forward to some decent sleep.

Last night was my first night with the O2. Its too early to tell how its going to go. But I did sleep better than usual last night. We'll see if it keeps up. I do feel more awake today, and haven't had to take half a bottle of Aleve to keep my head from exploding and my back from breaking in half from my agonized writhing. So I'm hopeful.

Its the triple dose of death lately that has me really looking forward to the end of this month. Too bad D is in Vegas on training. Stupid military. What am I going to get him for his birthday anyway?

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