Sunday, August 16, 2009

The nice lady at the farmers market.

I went to the farmers market with some friends today. It was warm and sunny and the market is on the water so it was a perfect day to go! I had fun looking at all the crafts. There were some stands with some really pretty jewelry and art.

I had started my afternoon infusion right before my friends picked me up so I was hooked up for about half of the time we were there. When it was done I stopped to unhook it and when I was putting the mesh cover back over it a lady came up to me and said "Oh you have a PICC line!" Then she told me that she had had several PICCs while on chemo for lukemia. Then she said she had a kidney transplant. Well of course transplant is one of my soap boxes. So I told her congrats on that.

Then she asked me why I had one. I explained that I have CF and that I was getting over pneumonia. She said "Oh then you would definately need on going antibiotic therapy!" She also told me that I look great and that she was glad I am not dragging around oxygen with me.

This was one of those breif meetings in life that really kind of touched me. Had that woman never had lukemia she probably wouldn't have had any clue what a PICC was and would have walked on by. Isn't it funny when life works that way? This nice woman had to go through something aweful so that she could share the certain little something that anyone who has chronic health problems has. In that breif conversation we shared how hard life is when you're sick. The fears, the frustrations, the deep appreciation for life and loved ones. Its something that a well person can never understand, no matter how close to you or how much they love you.


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And then we all had sushi and lived happily ever after!