Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm home!!! I got discharged yesterday afternoon. My first stop was the chiropractor!! Those hospital beds are evil torture devices. Then mom and I went to the pharmacy to drop off some scrips because the doctor "forgot" to send them down to the hospital's pharmacy. Thanks a lot doc!

We picked up a few groceries too and headed home. It was so nice to know I would be sleeping in my own bed. And my kitty was SO happy to see me. She has been very protective, not wanting to leave my side.

Today has been rough on me though. I woke up with pain again, which first I thought was another collapse but now I think I popped out a rib coughing. The pain is different, it hurts when I push on it, and that wasn't the case before. So I had mom bring me a pain pill and got up in a little while. I ate breakfast, watched TV, nothing too special. When I started my afternoon infusion I was feeling sleepy so I decided to go lay down for a nap while it ran. When I got up I was feeling dizzy and nauseous, and pretty soon I threw up. When I tried to make it to the couch I almost passed out. So I laid there for a minute and then thought to check my blood sugar. It was kind of low so I think that between all the meds I'm on and the low sugar my system just went all haywire. Mom got me some juice and I laid there and drank it. In a little while mom said that my color was coming back. I still felt dizzy for a little while but that eventually went away too.

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MrsDrC said...

Glad your Mom is there to help care for you.

Rest up, soak up some Mommy love and feel better!