Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melting, and diabetes clinic

Its horribley hot. I'm melting. Today is supposed to be the hottest day on record for the Seattle area. In over 100 years of records this is the hottest day. You cannot find a fan or air conditioner anywhere in this half of the state. Eastern Washington is usually hotter than we are, but right now its cooler over there. I called my mom and asked her to buy me a fan and ship it to me. Express. Thank Bob for moms. I felt so sorry for my cat that I grabbed her and hopped into a cool shower with her. She was pretty pissed about that. I won't get away with it twice that's for sure. Its a good thing she's declawed in the front or I would have a shredded face. But I bet she feels better.

I had an appointment at the diabetes clinic today. My nurse practitioner said that all my blood sugar readings look good and my last A1C was great so keep doing what I'm doing. It was actually rather uneventful. Then I met a friend from the CF forum for coffee. We've been talking about meeting for over a year. She was nice enough to give me a ride home so that I wouldn't have to take the bus.

Then this afternoon I had my denture adjusted again. I shrank quite a bit according to the denturist, but some people shrink really fast and some really slow. Hopefully it will slow down in the next couple of weeks. Its hard to eat when my denture is loose unless I use a ton of adhesive on it. But adhesive feels like snot in your mouth when you take the denture out. So when I have to use a lot its pretty gross. But you do what you have to.

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