Saturday, July 25, 2009

Healing up.

So I'm healing up well from my 11 tooth extraction surgery. I've had a couple of adjustments to my denture already. I'm really happy with my denturist. He does unlimited adjustments for 3 months which is awesome! As I heal my gumline is going to be constantly changing for a while. And its important to have a good fit so that I'm able to eat normally and to avoid denture sores. Those happen when the denture rubs your gums. Not good. That opens the door to infection.

I slapped some powdered adhesive in there today to try it out. I think all my blood clots are gone and now the holes just have to close up. Plus I am sick of the soft food diet. I want some CHICKEN. And I've been craving fruit and bananas just aren't getting it any more. I bought some cherries and peaches. MMMMMMM!

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