Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rhuematologist visit

So I saw the rhuem yesterday. They managed to squeeze me in since I was feeling like crap. My hips were really hurting so he got to see me hobble around. This is probably a good thing because he was able to see how much I was hurting and how it was interfering with my life. He gave me another scrip for lyrica since it worked so amazingly well for me. I have 3 months of refills on it. He wants to see me again in about six months. The goal here is to get me feeling good enough with the meds that I can start doing some real excersise (more than just walking and yoga). I would really like to get my butt on my bike and the elipticle machine in the work out center at my apartment complex. Excersise is great for fibromyalgia and CF so we would be killing 2 birds with one stone. And then at that point I may be able to cut back on the lyrica or stop it all together. This is a wonder drug though (at least for me) and I would encourage anyone with chronic pain to give it a try. It makes me a little woozy for the first week but then it goes away and I feel amazing. I can function so much better. My work performance improves and my apartment is cleaner!

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