Saturday, May 9, 2009

After the appointment!

After I left my appointment (feeling much better about my health and the potential for it to get better than I have in years!) Patty drove me around Denver a bit. We went by the Denver Mint where they make money! That was kind of cool to me since I work with money and have somewhat gotten into coin collecting. We went through the downtown area a bit and by the stadiums.

Then we headed out of town to go to Black Hawk. Its a little town up in the mountains that seems to be nothing but casinos. We had to take a slight detour through Golden as there was some road construction happening. But that took us by the Coors brewery (I don't particularly care for Coors but still cool to say I saw it). Golden is a cute little town, has a very old feel to it.

I picked the Golden Mardi Gras Casino to try our luck at. We both decided to just play $20 because we're both too chicken to lose more than that. We fiddled around for a while not really getting anywhere on the machines. I won I think $8 on one. Then on a different machine on a whim I decided to go for the maximum bet. I won about $50 and ripped my ticket out of that machine so fast! Over all I came out $40 up so I left Denver with more money than I arrived with.

We had just enough time to go get dinner before I needed to head back to the air port. So Patty took me to the Trail Dust, a rib and steak place that her family likes. You can't go to Denver and not have ribs or steak!! I had a half rack of ribs that was yummy, they just fell right off the bone. I did however decline to try Rockie Mountain oysters. No thanks!

We kind of had to rush to get me to the airport. And my gate number wasn't on my boarding pass (I was able to print that in Seattle when I flew out that morning), but luckily the airport was very empty so I got through security without any hassles and was able to find my gate on the reader board. I even had time to stop and pick up some souveniers for friends. I got a very cute shot glass with a little moose inside who's fishing.

All in all I wish that I had more time to check out the town, so my next trip will be for a weekend I think. Denver seems like a cool town and the people were very nice. I look forward to my next visit!

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