Monday, December 8, 2008

How hard is it!?

Honestly, how hard is it to get in to see a god damn doctor? Its not like I enjoy having freezing cold instruments inserted into parts of my body where nothing cold should ever go, then having my cervix scraped after hearing "this may feel a bit funny." Oh really!? A bit funny, huh? I'll make you feel funny with my foot in your face! The least they could do is have the courtesy of getting me an appointment soon so I can get it over with.

I wanted to establish care with the internal medicine department at the hospital where my CF clinic is. That way all my records are in one place, none of this having to deal with getting everything transfered. But they are "estimating" that they will have new patient appointments in SPRING OF 2009!!! What in the hell is that!?

So instead of going back to the doctor who wouldn't give me the birth control I wanted, then proceded to give me an enormous ugly scar on my back from sinking 4 stitches so deep that they had to be dug out, I decided to switch to a different doctor at the same clinic. Shouldn't be too hard right? WRONG! I have to establish care with the new doctor at one appointment and then get my cervical scraping at another one. What is this establish care crap? They take my vitals and my medical history, which they already have on file since its the same clinic. Then they bill my insurance a few hunfred dollars for it. Fabulous. What better way to establish a relationship with your new doctor then spreading your legs and letting them have a good look? This is the American medical system for you!

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