Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Am I going to hell for this?

So my apartment office has been closed for days due to the massive amount of snow we've had and the fact that this state just isn't prepared for it. Well.....my boyfriend's Christmas presents and my enzymes are sitting in the office. Uhm....I called the emergency maintanence number and told the guy that I desperately need my medications, which is a lie. I am not in danger of running out, but I really want to be able to give my man his presents. Am I a horrible person. I mean it isn't exactly a lie, I really do have meds in there, I will need them at some point but I'm good for like a week or more without them. Oh well, I don't particularly care.


Amy said...

LMAO I think you are ok :)

Lisa said...

I agree with Amy :) Merry Christmas! (My husband's stocking is going to be empty--or more likely filled with crap from Walgreens--if I can't get into my office tomorrow--it isn't looking good either!)