Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The last thing I need.... a suicidal brother. But that is exactly what I have. Long story shortened a LOT....he was dating some girl he works with and she was a nut job, so they broke up, then yesterday she was running around talking about her new boyfriend. So my brother left a suicide note on his managers desk. The manager called me today since I'm his emergency contact. I called our mom and found out that his shrink checked him into a local hospital. So hopefully he will get help.

I dealt with a suicidal husband and I really don't need to do this again. Suicidal people don't really realize how big of a burden this is on their family. They may come to realize it later, but in the moment they are so focussed on their own perceived suffering that they can't think of anyone else. And I will pretty much get to carry this myself since my parents aren't very close by. Thank you so much.

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Lisa said...

I am so sorry Jessi!! At least he is getting help. Let me know if you need anything!!