Thursday, May 31, 2012

Internet Dating 101

Internet dating.....where do I start?  Its clearly a part of life these days.  Its not going anywhere.  However; there seems to be a disturbing lack of etiquette!  So, I'm going to outline some things that should and should not be done based on my experience!

1: Read the profile of the prospective date.  All of it.  Bonus points for actually retaining some of the information included in it!  If you have trouble retaining such things then revisit the profile as needed.

2: If you are interested in the person send them a message that includes some information about yourself.  "Hi" is not sufficient!  Extra points for paying the person a compliment.

3: Don't send a vegetarian a photo of your barbeque covered in chicken legs (someone actually did this to me!?).

4: If, during the course of the electronic conversation you feel that you are not clicking with the person, just say so.  Don't just disappear off the face of the earth.

5: If someone tells you that they aren't interested then don't message them again.  You will get blocked.

6: If you progress to the point where you would like to have a date with someone, for the love of Jeebus don't stand them up.  You are an adult, act like it!  If you can't make it for some reason then call the person.

7: Do not start calling the person "hun" or "baby" before you've met.  Don't start with that before you're actually seeing each other on a regular basis!

8: Always meet the person in a public place for at least a few dates.  Note the word MEET.  Do not offer to pick someone up at their place or give them a ride home.  Creepy.

9: Can we please do away with the bathroom mirror pics and duck lips?  Thank you.

10: Do not send unsolicited pics of your genitalia.

11: Do not ridicule anything in my profile or try to change my beliefs on things.  Instant block.

12: If you really want to date me, act like you're interested in ME.  Yes, I want to know about you but you don't need to make all your messages about how wonderful YOU are.

13: Have a picture that accurately represents what you look like.

14: Be honest.  I don't need to know every detail of your life but "fudging" things is lying.  

I will add more as it comes up.

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