Friday, April 27, 2012

Vegan update.

This vegan thing ain't so hard!  Today I embarked on a quest to Whole Foods for vegan noms.  I got some veggie burgers, "cheese", "mayo", and "bacon" and made myself a yummy cheese burger when I got home.  A vegan friend introduced me to Veganaise, a vegan form of mayo.  Its great!  It looks and tastes just like regular mayo but it doesn't have eggs.  The same friend also pointed me toward Smart Bacon.  Cooking this stuff will probably involve a bit of a learning curve but it wasn't bad.  Even the cat liked it and the chunk of Boca Burger with "cheese" that I accidentally dropped on the floor.

Tomorrow will be my first adventure with milk substitutes.  I got a soy milk and an almond milk to try, also a soy creamer for my coffee.  Stay tuned for how those test out!


Chris said...

Hey, is there any email to reach you at?

Chris said...

My last comment probably sounded like spam with no context. I saw your Craigslist post and was going to respond but it got flagged and was just going to email to introduce myself. Just didn't want to embarass you by the context. :P Well, have a nice day and hope you're not feeling too bad after your recent seizure event!