Friday, January 20, 2012


Hello out there in blogger land! I hope everyone is doing well in the new year.

First, I appologize for not blogging more, I know I promised I would a while back. The fact is that not much has gone on. I've been doing well, had a slight cold last month but it was no big deal. I've been snow boarding a couple of times. Last time I did really well with the altitude! YAY!

I'm still on treatment for MAC, its coming up on a year. I have a CF clinic appointment next month where I'll give them a sputum sample to culture. Cross your fingers that its still clean for MAC.

I have been seizure free for exactly 13 months! That is amazing! I know that I could still seize at any time, but the fact that its been so long is very encouraging. I could legally drive now if I wanted to (but I don't). I still try not to use the oven when no one is around and follow other precautions to keep myself as safe as possible in case I do seize.

Speaking of seizures, I have been meaning to do a blog about the dos and don'ts if you witness someone having a seizure. There are a lot of myths out there!


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