Friday, July 1, 2011

Rough week.

What a week this has been. Monday was pretty uneventful. On Tuesday evening I had a fundraiser at a local burger joint. We raised $250 for the CF Foundation.

On Wednesday I had an appointment with my diabetes nurse practitioner. I've been struggling with my blood sugar. Abx make me run low, and finally my NP acknowledged this. She started me on a long acting insulin which should reduce my need for the short acting insulin that is making my sugar bottom out. This means I should be able to eat like I'm supposed to between breakfast and dinner and not have to stress about my blood sugar so much. After that I went to have some blood work done and pick up meds.

The lab screwed up some of the blood work. They sent it to be spun when it wasn't supposed to be. So while I was waiting at the pharmacy I was paged back to the lab. The redrew the screwed up tubes. So now I have matching hemotomas on my arms.

Then yesterday....fucking yesterday. I was scheduled to have my port flushed but Missy kitty wasn't doing well. She has been sick for a while but yesterday she got worse. We knew that she didn't have much time left so we decided to get her put to sleep. I called my nurse and left a message telling her I would have to reschedule then we went to the vet.

Missy kitty was pretty old, probably in her teens. We didn't want to watch her get worse or have her suffer. I really feel like we did the right thing for her, but just having to make that choice is hard not to mention losing your friend. J and I both got to say our goodbyes to her. When I held her for the last time she purred. She hadn't purred much in the previous few days. J and my mom both said that she was telling me she loved me. We were not with her when they did it. I was there when my dog died and I was hysterical afterward, I didn't want to watch my sweet kitty go.

A little while after we got home the doorbell rang. My nurse didn't get my message. Since she was here I just let her go ahead and access me. Only my port wouldn't return blood. She thought she was missing it. So today another nurse came out to try. She got it in one shot but then there was no blood return. That means yesterday the nurse was probably in too. So now I am accessed while I wait to hear what the all knowing IV people want to do. Probably TPA, an enzyme that dissolves clots.

This week can go fuck itself.

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