Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feeling better

I'm through the first week of antibiotics and feeling much better! For the first few days I was pretty nauseas from the oral antibiotics I was on. Even reglan didn't help so we had to switch that to levaquin, which I tolerate better anyway. No more fevers, my cough is better, there is hardly anything to cough up now, the shortness of breath is gone too.

Today I had my port needle changed so I deaccessed myself after my morning IV and got a really good shower! I ran out of hot water because I was in there so long! I love needle change day, you don't get that little bit of freedom with PICC lines. I was able to exfoliate and shave my arm pits (very hard to do without getting the dressing wet). I try and take short showers with my port accessed because the longer I'm in there the greater the chance of getting my dressing wet, even when I cover it. Lets face it, tape is tape and doesn't like to stay on in water.

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