Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I was having some nausea from my antibiotics, not too bad but enough that I didn't want to eat. So yesterday I called and asked for something. They called reglan in for me but only gave me 2 days worth because they wanted to make sure it worked or we were going to change my meds all together. Which I think is kind of stupid anyway because if I'm going to pay for a perscription then I want enough to get me through instead of having to pay it AGAIN later. Even if it didn't work I could still have it on hand. Whatever.

So today the other nurse at my clinic calls me to see how its going. I tell her the nausea is MUCH better so she says she'll get me some more to get me by. But here's the kicker, I only get a week's worth because according to her "its not a good med to be on long term." O.o Ok, and feeling like I could puke at any second is GOOD?? I'm on the freakin antibiotics for 2 weeks! What am I supposed to do for the other half?? Luckily I seem to only need half of what they perscribed so I can sqeak by.

The nurse yesterday was supposed to leave a not saying that I am switching pharmacies. I should have known something would get all fucked up dealing with 2 seperate people. I went to Target to get my meds. Well, apparently they DID call there, but said "Oh, wrong pharmacy!" and then called my OLD pharmacy! I swear, I hate these people. Its always something and I'm SO sick of it. And yet there is NO other clinic I can go to in this state without traveling to the complete other side of it!

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