Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to Baseline!

Its been a crazy month so far! I haven't had to time to update like I should. Anyway, I finished up some oral antibiotics last week for a sinus infection and crackly left lung (you will remember that this is the lung I had pnuemonia in and I was crackly in the are where it collapsed so I did NOT want a repeat of that!!). I went in for post-abx PFTs and I blew a 56% FEV1!! I haven't had numbers that good since before the pnuemonia!!! So it took 6 months but I clawed my way back to baseline. So I would like to express my appreciation for modern medicine, antibiotics, the vest, hypertonic saline, and everything else that keeps me ticking!

In other news my general pain has been pretty bad. I have no energy. But I only have 2 more weeks until I go to the pain clinic and hopefully they can do something for me. I started a journal about my pain, where it is, how bad it is, what I do for it etc, on a daily basis so that I can take it to show them. I am also coming armed with a list of questions and things that I would like to try based on research I've done and things other people with fibromyalgia have told me. So I will be fully prepared to attack them with all of that! They can't accuse me of sitting idly by and doing nothing these months that I've been waiting for this appointment!

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Afton said...

Congrats on being back at your baseline :)