Sunday, March 4, 2012

R rated fundraiser anyone?

So, I may have mentioned it here before, but there has been this idea for a CF fundraiser banging around in my head for years. I want to see if there would be enough interest in it to make it worth pursuing. For the record I totally advocate going after what you want eleventy million percent!

Here's my idea! Everyone is familiar with the firemen calendars right? You have a bunch of incredibly sexy, half naked firemen doing what they do in the pics and then they sell the thing to raise money for burn victims. HOT! My idea would be something similar, but for CF. It would be semi-naked CF women doing what we do (treatments, IV meds, etc and so on) and it would be sold to raise money for CF research and/or medication/financial assistance programs for CFers.

Some ideas I had for photos would be someone tied up with oxygen tubing, someone sitting on the compressor for their vest suggestively, ports being accessed while wearing a corsette or something. You get the idea! I'm even willing to do all the shots myself, which would probably be easier than trying to find a minimum of 12 CF women will do this. The models would likely be all over the country (world even!) and that could turn into a big hassle.

I would need a photographer willing to donate their time (I already have one in mind that I could ask). The big thing I would need is a printing company willing to donate the production of the calendars or monetary donations to pay for it. I'm on disability and it doesn't exactly pay well so I couldn't do this out of my own pocket.

So what I want to know from you all out there in internet land is A: would you possibly be willing to donate to the making of such a thing, and B: would you buy it once it was done?

There are several reason why I've wanted to do this. First, fundraising is awesome, yo! Second; I like the juxtaposition of the whole thing. I think I can pull off sexy + clinical and make it work. Third: CF fundraising focuses very heavily on kids. Which is fine, whatever brings in the cash. The thing is that people still tend to forget that this is not just a kid's disease anymore! Adults with CF are confronted with different things and one of those is sex and sexuality. Do you know how difficult it is to get in the mood for some sexy times when there is a needle covered by a giant band aid in your tit!? I do! So I hope that something like this would bring a little more attention to some of the things that adult CFers have to deal with.

So, leave some comments and tell me what you think. Yes? No? Advice? Constructive critisism? I welcome it all. And please, pass the link to my little bloggy along so others can weigh in.


Amy said...

I am all for it!

Like the fireman calendar, I think you would need 12 different models. Don't take this personally but I don't think anyone would want a calendar filled with just one woman, they don't know. I think having 12 models makes it more "Real".

As much as I like the idea, I am worried about buyers. With the firemen, pretty much any woman will buy one. The market for sexy CF women is much smaller. Are we selling these to CF families? The population at large? We need to determine that before putting any money into it. Maybe something featuring both men and women (not the same months lol) would target more areas?

I do like the idea and I think it could sell as long as we can get it to the right people :)

Princess Jess said...

Thanks for the input Amy. This is definately still in the "hey I have this idea" phase. Someone suggested that as far as getting at least 12 models that might be all over the place, they could just go have some shots taken at one of those boudoir photo places.

Another person suggested going through Zazzle. The calendars would be made as they were ordered so there wouldn't need to be a large chunk of cash forked over for a large printing.