Friday, April 23, 2010

Troll Stroll!

So about a week ago I was over at my apartment cleaning and sorting through the few things that were still there and I was listening to the radio and making a fool of myself singing and dancing through my chores. Well the DJ came on and said that the 106th caller (the station is Kiss 106.1) would win tickets to the Troll Stroll to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Well I was all over that! I fumbled around trying to get my phone out of my pocket, dropped it, tried to catch it but only suceeded in hitting it half way across my apartment. I snatched it up and started dialing. Busy signal. Thank goodness for redial. I must have called 10 times and was about to give up when the DJ answered the phone! I won the tickets!! WOOHOO!!! I talked to the DJ for a couple minutes, told him how stoked I was since I have CF, and it turns out his cousin had CF. Unfortunately the DJ was going to be working so he couldn't go to the Stroll.

The Troll Stroll is a pub crawl. It takes place in the Fremont section of Seattle. This year 12 bars participated. We got a t-shirt and drink tickets for all the bars good for a 7 ounce beer. Each bar had several beers to choose from. We only made it through 6 bars before we got sick of all the screaming college kids and I started to get drunk. But we had a really great time! Each bar also had specials on food and donated part or all of the proceeds to CF.

You're probably wondering why on earth they call it the Troll Stroll. Well, under the Fremont bridge is this guy.


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Princess Jess said...

It truely was!!

Anonymous said...

Another CF parent in Redmond does this every year, he might help organize it. Glad you had fun!