Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Forgive me if I don't post much in the near future. I'm getting moved in with J so I am busy packing, moving stuff, and cleaning. We brought the cat over the other day and that has been an adventure. She hates new places to begin with, but to top it off there is another cat here so there is major friction on that front.

I brought all of my meds and supplies here last night so I don't have to do the treatment juggle. That will be nice. I took up 2 shelves in one of J's cabinets with all my meds, suppliments, and supplies. Plus there is the vest adorning the dining room now, and the nebulizer. I am slowly taking over this place!! Muahahaha! Just kidding!

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Amy said...

Oh I know what you mean!! I have 2 shelves in the bathroom linen closet (that is 6 feet wide) with all my stuff...and a corner filled with my vest, O2 and nebs. Plus all the O2 tanks...I feel like I have more stuff here than him haha!