Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok ok! I know its been 2 months, but I was sans internet access! But I am back now and ready to roll.

I moved me and my kitties into my very own apartment. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! It stays clean because there is no pig (ex-husband) sitting around making it messy, its quiet when I go to bed, I can walk around naked it I want!

So, where to begin? In September I had a sleep study. As it turns out my oxygen saturation dropped to 86%. This could explain A LOT. It could be why I sleep like crap, I'm always tired, and why I'm in pain more often than not. When I go to CF clinic on Nov. 10th I will throw a fit if need be to get oxygen at night.

I started physical therapy for my shoulder. I should just have a few more visits I hope. I pretty much have my full range of motion back and I'm just working on strengthening now. My fibromyalgia disagrees with PT on a huge level! Luckily I talked my rhuematologist into massage therapy and that seems to be helping quite a bit.

My man is home! He got home about a week and a half before my birthday, so that was awesome! In some respects it feels like he never left. We talk on the phone almost every night for up to an hour and a half. We see each other as often as we can. Its just great having him back.

So that's about it for now! I promise to keep this updated from now on!

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